Such Custom. Many Apps. Meet App SDK 2.1

admin   April 16, 2016   Comments Off on Such Custom. Many Apps. Meet App SDK 2.1

Today I’m proud to announce the release of App SDK 2.1. It’s the highest version we’ve ever released and it’s full of shiny new things:

  • Milestone-filtered custom page support: Build apps on custom pages scoped to a milestone
  • Advanced filtering: Slice and dice your data with the new, all powerful filtering component for grids and boards
  • Bulk update/delete via WSAPI: Update and/or delete multiple records in a single request
  • New and updated catalog apps: Most notably, the Custom List
  • Performance and bug fixes
  • New examples and guides
  • And more!

Veteran app developers should find this release to be fairly incremental and familiar enough to jump right in. Get on it!

If you find yourself thinking, “What is this App SDK you speak of, and why would I want it?” Then you are what we affectionately refer to as a n00b. Welcome! And keep reading!